About our coffee

Coffee is a fruit, and it is much much better when consumed fresh. Not a little better….a lot better. The reason our coffee is shipped out only twice a month is that we want you to experience the difference between our coffee and what you may had not even known had been sitting on a shelf for months and months. Would you eat a year old banana?

O'Kelly Style coffee is purchased through certifications, direct trade, and transparent supply chains. It is then roasted in small batches by Portland Coffee legend, Paul Thornton. Over the past 35 years, Paul has served many roles: Roasmaster for Coffee Bean International, President of the Specialty Coffee Association, Roasters Guild founder and longtime member and is also a recognized coffee Roastmaster and green coffee buyer. 

Their production coffee roaster is an Italian built 1995 15-kilo Petroncini solid drum roaster that can roast 600 pounds in an 8-hour day. It's heated using natural gas and they’ve modified the gas burner to give them the ability to apply lots of heat fast.