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12.00 Ounces

Medium/Dark Roast

Tasting Notes: Caramel, silky, subtle smoky

Clarity is single origin coffee delicately roasted well past, “first crack,” but the bean is so full and complex that roasting past second crack would be like putting BBQ sauce on filet mignon! It is definitely on the darker side of medium roast, however, this is NOT as dark as a “French Roast,” or “Espresso Roast.” 

FYI, first crack is the moment when coffee beans begin to approach edibility. Coffee goes through two “cracks” when roasting, and medium roasts will finish somewhere between them. Dark roasts will typically be roasted past second crack. So Clarity is somewhere in between. 

11 Reviews

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    Posted by Valerie Breyton on Jun 15th 2022

    Now that was a smoooooth cup of coffee. I really like the flavor of caramel with the hint of smoky. Nice going guys! Next I have to try the Decaf.

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    Posted by Don Funk on Nov 27th 2021

    I’m no connoisseur of coffee, all I know is that I do like this coffee and have just put in a second order. I’ll be ordering from here from now on. :-)

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    Posted by Jane Holler on Nov 22nd 2021

    Loved the coffee. Very smooth amd no bitter after taste. I would order again if shipping was not so costly. It was almost $10 and to a Canadian that’s $13. Perhaps you could offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more . Thanks so much

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    My new favorite coffee of all time!

    Posted by Julie Prudden on Nov 2nd 2021

    We watch all of the Okelly’s videos and listen to their podcasts so we thought we’d support them by purchasing their coffee. We are coffee snobs and were very happy with the coffee we were brewing. I trusted that the O’Kelly’s coffee would be good but man oh man I didn’t expect it to be this good! This is the most delicious, rich coffee I’ve ever had. To me, it has a smooth and chocolatey flavor. I drink it with steamed oat milk and it’s like drinking hot chocolate! We’ve dumped our old coffee and are ordering O’Kelly Style only now!

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    Absolutely delicious

    Posted by Kelly on Oct 12th 2021

    I’m normally a tea drinker but I do enjoy special whole bean coffee at least once a week and this is the first coffee I enjoy drinking black! I will be reordering!

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    So Tasty I use less creamer!

    Posted by Wendopher on Oct 7th 2021

    Yup, this coffee is so fresh and flavorful I find I need far less creamer than I usually use. And to be clear, I like vanilla-flavored creamer. I never add sugar (the vanilla flavored stuff is sweet enough). But with O’Kelly Style coffee, I don’t have to add to (or is it cover up?) the flavor for a tasty cup. This roast is tasty enough. Yes, I have tried it black and could (almost) drink it that way. But I’m decadent. Still, I find my pint of creamer lasts far longer and I’m saving calories too! Thanks, Clarity!

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    Don't Play With My Coffee!

    Posted by Daryl Jackson on Oct 6th 2021

    Simply put, I love coffee! It is an integral part of my day, everyday. This blend of Clarity coffee is so smooth and delightful. The roast is perfectly balanced and gives a nice kick start to my mornings. When I opened the bag the aroma took over my kitchen and after I ground the beans...omg I couldn't wait to put them in the French Press and get this party started. I was so delighted as I clutched my mug close to my breast to inhale the wonderful aroma and taste that caffeinated goodness that helps me start my day. Don't play with my coffee! It's as much a part of my day as turning on my computer or opening the mail. Nick & Megan...I'm so glad you decided to share this O'Kelly Style blend with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this is blend is like having on an old fluffy robe or a well worn jacket next to a fire on a cold day. Just downright perfect. Don't play with my coffee!!!

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    Posted by Judd Schrader on Oct 2nd 2021

    Excellent roast. It is difficult to find a really good coffee that you can drink black. Not over roasted and bitter. No need for any cream and sugar to mask the flavor. Just delicious.

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    Wonderful coffee

    Posted by Peter Walker on Oct 1st 2021

    Exactly as described. Medium dark roast with a dash of caramel, silky smooth flavor and a hint of smokiness. I noticed for me that these flavors pop the most when cold. Yep. I know, cold? Who would have thought. Really coffee.

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